"Wonder is the feeling of the philosopher, and philosophy begins in wonder." [Plato]


"Knowledge is an ocean without bound or shore; the seeker of knowledge is the diver in seas. Though his life be a thousand years, never will he become weary of seeking."


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Sabtu, 22 Juni 2019

The Next Karate Kid

It’s was very Wonderfull can watch the best movie in 1994, they are two person so special teaching me about great thing to know life and to deal with life in my future day. Mr. Miyagi and his kid Julie Pierce.

I watch this around 1:43:58 hours, but I have got more knowledge and everything more than just movie. 

The are a lot of thing I can learn, such as advises me to become strong, great, and patient in every problem I have meet.

  • Sometimes when we in cage so long; all world seems like very big place, you strong…. You strong… you are really strong, I know who you really you are …. 
  • Ambition without knowledge its like a boat on dry land
  • You know what? I should ask you for answer, I personally don’t want to understand…
  • Answer only important, when you ask the great question
  • You are good, when you can respect your self and you can respect the others 
  • Not stupid to respect all living things
  • I tried its thousands times
  • You know you are good it’s more important 
  • If master small thing, anything become possible
  • Fighting not good, but if must fight, win 
I should remember it  along my life, because that the reason why I life till today,  to become me my self, not other and not force me to become something or other thing or someone else. 

Me…, I am special with all of what in my self right now.